Well, Big Deal!

Sometimes sincere, sometimes sarcastic

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On Vegetarianism

I haven’t felt much temptation to eat meat since becoming a vegetarian. Until today. I’m roasting a chicken for my little carnivore. Oh the chicken skin…

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Regarding Facebook

If you told me in preschool that in 32 years there would be a way I could find out which of my preschool classmates would turn out to be unapologetically racist, I would’ve been like “what’s racist?”

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Social Anxiety: A Self-Diagnosis

I can’t remember the last time I left my house for a social gathering without welling up with tears—at best—or having a panic attack—at worst. Looks like today isn’t going to be any kind of breakthrough moment either.

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Sitting on the kitchen floor with my husband eating refrigerat-ore (the meals we create after mining the fridge) for dinner and listening to Pandora. Doug Kilmer’s bass line from “Spirit in the Sky” fills our ears. Wordlessly, we look into each other’s eyes and start jammin’. Just two people eating dinner and listening to Norman Greenbaum.