Well, Big Deal!

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3-19 command station; 3-20 meeting new people, talking about my work; 3-21 happy belated birthday; 3-22 reemergence of my bread maker (and planting onions—I could dig in dirt all day); 3-23 fish madness

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You have a hard enough time having a good day anyway.
Tim to me on the occasion of my latest worries.

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Catching Up

Day 24: March 14 - Accidentally leaving my phone at work and deciding I was ok with that.

Day 25: March 15 - Walking with Lily to her grandma’s

Day 26: March 16 - Lily and Erin blowing magical bubbles from the clubhouse despite the temperature being in the 30s

Day 27: March 17 - Practically everything we needed at Target was a Cartwheel special.

Day 28: March 18 - Dr. Who, in spite of the annoying Hulu commercials

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